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From our Ayrshire base in Fairlie, the Spectrum team of highly experienced double glazing repair technicians is ideally placed to provide a fast, efficient and cost
effective service to domestic customers and commercial clients across West
and Central Scotland.

We find that many of our customers call us in to solve problems with double glazed units that are out of warranty, no longer available in the same range or have been installed by companies who have long since gone out of business.  No problem for Spectrum as we pride ourselves on being able to repair any kind of fault in any type of double glazing installation regardless of make, model or manufacturer, using only the finest replacement parts meeting the highest international standards for quality and long lasting durability.

There are any number of different reasons why double glazed systems fail or lose functionality including deterioration due to age or high frequency usage, mistreatment, incorrect initial fitting or even the natural settlement of the host building over time.

Misted windows

Misted windows can usually be easily fixed by replacing the glass without the expense of replacing the whole window unit.

Locks, handles and hinges

Locks, handles and hinges are particularly prone to the effects of wear and tear, causing problems in opening and closing as well as increasing the risk of draughts – all easily rectified by installing new component parts rather than forking out unnecessarily for a replacement frame.

Draughty doors and windows

Draughts from doors and windows are usually the result of perished or detached hinges or seals which can be easily and quickly replaced at minimal cost.

UPVC sliding sash windows

UPVC sliding sash windows.  The classic sash window has been a popular choice for centuries with a particular reputation for dependability and durability.  However, even the latest generation of technically advanced UPVC sliding sash windows can develop problems over time, most commonly involving the repair or replacement of spiral balances, tilt latches, pivot feet and shoes … all highly complex operations requiring the unrivalled expertise of our sash window specialist engineers.

Patio doors, wheels and runners

Patio door wheels and runners may need to be realigned or replaced from time to time to keep them doing the job they were originally designed for … another simple job for Spectrum!


Damaged glass in a window or door should never be enough reason to automatically replace the whole unit.  We can replace single or double glazed panes in any size, no matter whether the frames are UPVC, aluminium or timber.  In the case of scratched or erosion damaged glass, replacement might not even be necessary as we can usually repair the glass and restore it to its original pristine condition using the unique GlassRestore™ system.


Replace or Repair?

Delivering cost-effective glazing repair solutions for house builders, retail outlets, housing associations and the construction industry across Scotland.

With the guarantee of a highly responsive and thoroughly professional service at all times, we are committed to helping our commercial clients save time and money by providing a comprehensive range of innovative glazing repair solutions as an alternative to the costly business of outright replacement.

Our specialist expertise encompasses the repair and refurbishment of all types and sizes of architectural glass i and Profilit ‘U’ Channel glass installations, together with the rapid on-site restoration of scratched or damaged glass by highly skilled Spectrum technicians using the advanced GlassRestore™ system – the only system of its kind in the world that can be totally trusted to repair even the most severely damaged glass and restore it to its original pristine condition … first time, every time! This includes:

  • Heavy Scratches
  • Angle Grind and Weld Splatter
  • Acid Erosion
  • Saltwater or Chemical Damage
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Graffiti

With all the high speed, mess-free benefits offered by the GlassRestore™ system, we can repair and restore any kind of damaged glass installation in-situ with minimal disruption to the normal everyday running of your business. So thanks to Spectrum, you can forget about waiting around for your replacement glass orders to arrive and the time consuming inconvenience of a complete refit.

Replace or restore?
The choice is yours.

5 good reasons to choose Spectrum for all your double glazing repair and maintenance needs


1.  Fast, reliable service

Our highly trained technicians always carry a large stock of spare parts with them and can usually carry out the required repairs to any kind of UPVC, aluminium or timber framed double glazed unit there and then without the need for a return visit – regardless of make, model, age or condition.


2.  Trust

As the experts in double glazing repair and refurbishment, we will NEVER recommend a potentially expensive replacement when we can harness all our experience and specialist expertise to get your problem fixed at a tiny fraction of the cost.


3.  All work guaranteed

We only use the highest quality replacement parts and can therefore offer you the reassurance of a no-quibble guarantee on any Spectrum repair, from replacement glass to locks, hinges, handles and seals.


4. Cost

With free surveys, free estimates and no call out charges, we are committed to keeping costs down for our domestic customers and believe we can beat any of our competitors on price for any like-for-like repair … so why not put us to the test?


5.  Total service, total customer satisfaction

At Spectrum, we understand that happy customers are the key to our continuing success through repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals to family, friends and colleagues.  That’s why we make complete customer satisfaction as a result of first class service our top priority in everything we do.


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